Insiders Tips- How to Increase your Home Value with Paint

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Increasing home value is the goal of anyone wishing to sell. Fortunately, it is possible to sell your home for approximately 20% more without using any dirty tricks. Creating an attractive allusion for home buyers, while improving the appearance of your home, can make your home appear to be worth more than its current market value. Stay tuned to learn a simple way to achieve this.

The best way to improve the appearance and value of your home is a good paint job. A nice layer of new paint can transform a dreary, dark home into a breezy, bright mansion that is most coveted. The drabbest, and oldest homes can be revived with a bright, new layer of paint.

However, just as a good paint job can improve your home’s appearance, a poor paint job can be disastrous. A poor paint job will turn off possible buyers, which you do not want to happen. In this case, you would be forced to paint the house again. You may even have to strip the color off and prep the walls for a new shade.

This could strike fear in the hearts of many who intend to paint their homes. However, with a decent brush and roller, some good advice, and the courage to take on the task, you can achieve the desired results on the first try.

When it comes to painting your home, the most vital step is selecting the right color scheme. A good color scheme will set the right atmosphere and mood to appeal to home buyers. A bad color scheme will turn them away. You are probably wondering how to select the right color scheme.

For starters, it is a good idea to study preset color themes and learn the moods they elicit. There are several books on the subject.

As you study color schemes, think about the existing furnishing within your home. The color scheme you choose should do the following:

*Suit existing furnishings in your home

*Provide a spacious, airy and comfortable feeling

How your furnishings complement and contrast the color scheme you select is vital to the overall appeal of the paint job.

If you are making improvements for your own enjoyment, feel free to be daring and experiment with color. However, if your primary goal is to resell your home, white may be your best option. That in mind,  let’s examine color and other choices.

In order to achieve the desired allusion in a room, it is necessary to understand how color affects space perception. Warm colors, such as reds, yellows and oranges, are known as advancing colors. Cool shades, such as greens and blues, are receding colors.

Intensity and saturation, as well as the color itself, affect size perception and atmosphere. The type of finish the paint provides is another important consideration.

Various colors and paint finishes affect rooms in the following ways:

*Advancing colors create the illusion of closure

*Receding colors create illusion of space

*Dark saturated colors equal cramped atmosphere

*Pearl, white, or beige are best for creating spacious affect

*light color on ceilings gives illusion of high ceiling

*Flat finish conceals small imperfections

*Eggshell finish adds warm glow/easy to clean

*Glossy paint good for accentuating detail/easy to clean

You have learned how increasing home value with paint is accomplished. With this information in mind, you should have no problem choosing the right color scheme for your home. So go ahead and have a great time painting! And feel free to share your experiences or comments here, and to share this article.

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