4 Tips to Take the Stress Out of Moving

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Studies show that the stress of moving falls somewhere in between dealing with a death and taxes. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be a bad experience at all and in fact can be an empowering one. If you know how to turn the necessary parts of moving, it can turn out to be positive experience you’re your family and yourself

You probably already know where you’re moving and how you’re getting there. Now, you just need to handle the nitty-gritty details of getting yourself organized and ready to move. Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, you can make the process easier by using these handy tips:

•Decide What You’re Taking With You

One great thing about moving is as you pack, you’ll get to go through your possessions and decide what goes with you to the new location and what doesn’t. A very fast way to get organized is get three boxes or even “piles” and mark one “Going” for anything you’re taking with you. “Trash” for anything that has completely outlived its usefulness and “Give Away for useful items you don’t want to take with you but still have some life in them. You can get rid of items you don’t want on online forums such as Free-cycle or donate to a local charity.

•Put All Your Important Papers Together

Take the time to put all your important files together in a single place so when you move, you won’t be struggling to locate birth certificates of your children and shot records to enrol them in school. Items such as address books, birth certificates, social security cards, marriage records, medical and dental records, stock certificates, tax returns, and other important information should all go together in a single place. Consider an accordion file or a single, clear storage tub so you can see the documents inside. Whatever you choose to use to store your documents, mark it clearly on all sides so it’s easy to locate.

•Have Your Life Ready at the New Location

There are a lot of things you can do online or other the phone to make your landing a lot softer in your home. Most banks and credit unions allow for accounts to be opened online. You can go ahead and get that ball rolling. Contact your utility companies and find out what you need to have the lights, water, and gas turned on and ready to go. It’s also easy to transfer or set up new phone service. You can also take the opportunity to establish Internet access or see if the cable company or phone service provider has a package deal. If you’re moving to another state, you should be able to find out online what it takes to register your vehicles. Many DMV offices offer the forms for download on their websites.

•Let Technology Help you

Previously, you may have been struggling with a list of things you needed to do and keep track of. Consider using the IOS app Pro Moving Planner in order to help keep the stress of the move down. This easy-to-use app will let you keep track of the contractors you’re working with to orchestrate your move. You can also set up a budget and keep track of your expenses incurred with the move with ease. The filter on the search function when you’re at the store making those last minute purchases is a big bonuses so you don’t wind up spending money unnecessarily buying something twice. The reminder function will let you set up deadlines for getting tasks done so your move starts smooth and stays smooth. Best of all it works with multiple users over multiple devices (iPhone, iPod and iPad) so you can sync up your schedules with family members and/or contractors associated with your move.

 Set up days to organize and pack, store important papers, and set up utilities at the new place. The feature that’s the most fun on this app is ability to be your own designer. Let’s say you merely “like” your new home you’re moving to. This app will let you move walls, change colors in rooms, add rooms, and revamp your kitchen area. The app will also calculate estimated costs so you have idea going in how much making your dream a reality will cost.

As your moving day approaches, it does not have to be a stressful experience. Delegate duties among your family members and keep everyone synced up so the whole family is aware of what’s going on. This can make your move a lot less stressful and setting up in your new home a breeze.

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